The More Possibilities

The more you write, the more possibilities you see for stories in things that happen to you, that people tell you, that you read about in the paper, or just imagine. In one way, all of these ideas are a blessing. I never have to go searching for something to write about.

[...] The absolutely most favorite thing is the moment a character comes alive for me on paper, or where a place I am writing about suddenly seems real. There are no bands playing, no audience applauding. It’s a very solitary moment, but something akin to giving birth. “I’ve got it!” I say to myself, and from then on, the writing’s a joy.

– Newbery Medal-winner Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, born today in 1933

First and Final

“A name is the first and final marker of individual rights, one fixed part of the ever-changing human world. A name is the most basic characteristic of our human rights: no matter how poor or how rich, all living people have a name, and it is endowed with good wishes, the expectant blessings of kindness and virtue.

– Ai Weiwei

Thank you to all those who came to celebrate with us yesterday — and congratulations and welcome to the new Catalogue honorees!

CFP Milestones: 2012

By Marie LeBlanc, Community Partnerships Coordinator

After looking back over the past ten years, the Catalogue is excited to reflect on our last year (2012!) and the exciting accomplishments that we’ve seen in the past twelve months.

In 2012, the Catalogue counted over 100 individuals and 20 corporations as supporters of the Catalogue initiative — partners invested in our mission of connecting caring citizens with worthy community causes across the Greater Washington region. Among these were two new corporate portal partners, including our first university partner.

The Catalogue expanded its full-time staff in 2012, to include a Community Partnerships Coordinator, in addition to the Executive Assistant to the President, who started in 2011. The team of four (plus a webmaster and part-time social media coordinator) works closely together to spread the word about CFP nonprofits and strength the CFP nonprofit community.

Finally, in 2012 the Catalogue passed the $19 million mark for total dollars raised for CFP nonprofits since 2002. This is a significant milestone for us, and we’re looking forward to celebrating ten years of the Catalogue’s success at our annual event — Inspiration to Action — next week. While we’re proud of the accomplishments behind us, we hope to increase those successes exponentially in the decade to come. We hope you’ll join us in the effort.

CFP Milestones: 2011

As we approach our celebration of the 10th Catalogue for Philanthropy, we look back to see how the Catalogue has grown and evolved.

Just one more year and then … we’re at this one! Let’s look at what was new in 2011:

- The Catalogue’s corporate portal, Community Connections, launched with five beta partners — bringing giving and volunteering into the workplace every day of the year. Community Connections offers an interactive medium that facilitates engagement for employees who want to attend events, volunteer, donate, or get more deeply involved in philanthropic activities. Learn more right this way.

- Speaking of connections, the Washington City Paper teamed up for the first time with CFP for a December Giving Guide (“Give it Up, DC!“) that reached 72,000 people. The partnership will continue in 2012 and we’re looking forward to the second issue. Keep an eye out!

And remember: our tenth anniversary celebration and Catalogue launch is coming soon …

CFP Milestones: 2010

By Marie LeBlanc, Community Partnerships Coordinator

As we approach our celebration of the 10th Catalogue for Philanthropy, we look back to see how the Catalogue has grown and evolved.

The Catalogue’s review team is a staple of the work we do — providing the knowledge and expertise needed to determine which small charities truly are “one of the best.” From 55 in 2007, the review team grew to 100 in 2010 — and brought together individuals from foundations, corporate giving programs, giving circles, government agencies, and peer nonprofits.

2010 was also a landmark year for the Catalogue in terms of dollars raised. In our eighth year, CFP recorded over $2.8 million dollars raised by our nonprofits — a significant number, despite continuing economic challenges across the country.

Veterans Day

Each year, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we pause — as a nation, and as a people — to pay tribute to you. To thank you. To honor you, the heroes, over the generations, who have served this country of ours with distinction. [...] Today, a proud nation expresses our gratitude. But we do so mindful that no ceremony or parade, no hug or handshake is enough to truly honor that service. For that, we must do more. For that, we must commit — this day and every day — to serving you as well as you’ve served us.

President Obama, 11/11/12, Arlington National Cemetery

Today, learn about several CFP nonprofits dedicated to servicemembers, veterans, and their families:

- Comfort for America’s Uniformed Services (CAUSE): ensures that recuperating service members have opportunities for recreation and social interaction.

- Operation Homefront DC Metro Chapter: acts as a problem-solver and facilitator to provide swift emergency assistance: goods, financial aid, and skilled hands-on support.

- Yellow Ribbon Fund: supplies the personal services that government programs don’t cover with the help of over 1,200 volunteers.